Yaxkyn M.

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Graduate Program

Graduate Program: Biology

Program Delivery:

Anticipated Graduation Date: 2021

A few of my life goals are...

- Going to medical school and becoming a physician (doctor). I've loved science (especially the health sciences) since I was able to walk and that love hasn't faded one bit. I think the human body is incredibly interesting and I'm looking forward to being part of the next wave of new medical science as well as providing care to populations who previously lacked access to it. - Visiting all national parks - Having a 100% win streak in Kahoot

A fun fact about me is...

- I'm a huge fan of being active. Soccer is a sport near and dear to my heart and whenever I have the chance, I'm running up and down a nearby field!

My favorite class at Queens College is...

I have a few: - Anything where I see how our minds and bodies mingle. Gut-based research has piqued my interest since I've first learned about it and I love to learn about how our emotional and bodily systems are affected by things we can't see. - These past two semesters (academic periods of around 14 weeks), I've taken field biology courses that, on paper, last around 6 hours (but not six hours straight, I promise!). In the morning, our professor talks to us about a few organisms (plants, insects, birds, etc.) and in the afternoon, we go on these field trips (hiking trails, parks, rivers, etc.) to identify them and observe them up close!

I chose Queens College because...

- Queens is such a great county and its wonderfully represented by Queens College. The campus is diverse in not only in the majors (concentrated area of study) and clubs it offers its students, but also in its demographic! Our students come from around 145 different countries in total, so its nice to hear that somebody in a class of mine is from El Salvador (my home country) as well, instead of me being the only one. I also chose it because of the great people I met during my first open house. Students, professors and staff were so eager to show me and other visitors what the campus had to offer, that I was immediately taken in by the warm energy coming off of them!

I'm passionate about...

Community Health Community Development Community Service Mentoring Education Environmental Sustainablity Mental Health Technology Immigration Social Justice Advocacy Medicine

I'm involved with...

Community Engagement Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students (MAPS) Soccer
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